METHODOLOGY - Teaching Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense to children is a great challenge and is one of our biggest differentials. Classes are divided by age groups and also grouped by level of knowledge. We teach techniques and movements in a playful way, consistent with each learning program.​

HEALTH - Motor coordination, strength gain, balance, cardiorespiratory capacity and refined reflexes are our main goals related to the health of children, which help a lot in the physical development of our students, as well as healthy eating habits, focus on offline activities, even helping with sleep hygiene.

​Your child with head held straight, neither with head down nor with nose up.

SAFETY - All the techniques and extensions of the taught movements are previously studied, helping to have less risks in our classes. We always work with a minimum number of teachers/instructors per student, conducting everything in perfect harmony, ensuring order and discipline.
All our employees have First Aid Courses.
This investment is valuable to help during classes, providing students a safe return to their daily activities. ​

VALUES -  We work in our dojo on the lessons of Discipline, Honesty, Humility, Respect, Unity, Willpower and Resilience, so that we can make our school an extension of your home, seeking physical and emotional balance, collaborating in the formation of necessary values for living in society.


ANTY-BULLING & SELF-CONFIDENCE -  We teach how to behave and impose yourself facing adversities in everyday situations, kids should face the challenges head on, even defending yourself against small aggressors. Better yet, we understand that secure children don't bully and tend to uphold and improve others.

Jiu-Jitsu Kids | Building Champions for Life