MABJJ Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro

Antônio "Toninho" Martins is our Brown Belt Instructor, registered and recognized by main federations, he conquered the bronze medal at Masters International IBJJF 2017 among others. Antônio assists professor Leandro, working with discipline and dedication in jiu-jitsu kids classes doing a great job with them.

MABJJ Shenzhen - China

Alex "Lekinho" Gonzaga is our professor black belt 3rd degree, who does jiu-jitsu for 23 years and is also recognized and registered in mainly federations. Nowadays is responsible for Shenzhen branch in  China. With title as World Champ CBJJO 2014, and Bronze at Worlds Masters IBJJF 2012 in bjj competitions,  develop the gentle art internationally.
Alex has a great experience, teaches all ages, belts and different levels of physical conditioning.


MABJJ Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro

Leandro "Dodô" do Nascimento is our 1st Degree Black Belt, registered and recognized in mainly federations, he is the current Champion of FJJRio Ranking and Bronze Medal at Brazilian National  CBJJ in 2018. Besides competing professionally, Leandro is also jiu-jitsu kids class professor and works really well competition bjj and self-defense with the kids. As already experienced being a jiu-jitsu instructor in San Antonio-TX in the past, he will soon be back competing internationally.