We officially represent the Carlson Gracie Team in sports competitions, under the guidance of Mestre Carlson Gracie Jr.


Mauro "Maurinho" Ayres was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His contact with Brazilian jiu-jitsu was in the summer of 1995 in a small town in the state. He decided to train in jiu-jitsu trying to avoid Judo takedowns through his teacher's suggestion. Around the 2000's, his commitment is taken to the next level when he was invited to be an instructor and share knowledge with new students.

Graduated as a Black Belt in 2006, he began his professional career as a competitor and disseminator of knowledge, through group and private classes, seminars and lectures on the Brazilian gentle art in several countries.

Focused on the balance and well-being of the student, it stands out for its ability to make learning the gentle art uncomplicated and for working with children's jiu-jitsu, not only for teaching techniques but also for working on essential values in the formation of individuals for a better society. .

He is currently a 4th degree black belt and has taught thousands of students around the world, owner of the Ipanema school and co-responsible for the Carlson Gracie affiliate in Resende.

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Main Titles as Black Belt 

2023 World Master (IBJJF) – Gold​
2023 International Master South America (IBJJF) – Gold

2023 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Gold 

2022 World Master (IBJJF) – Silver 
2022 Brazilian National (CBJJ) Master – Bronze

2022 European (IBJJF) Master – Silver
2021 World Master (IBJJF) – Bronze
2021 South American (IBJJF) Master – Silver ​
2020 World Master (IBJJF) – Silver
2020 European (IBJJF) Master – Gold
2019 Brazilian National (CBJJ) Master – Silver

2019 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Silver
2019 European (IBJJF) Master – Bronze 
2018 World Master (IBJJF) – Bronze
​2018 International de Master South America (IBJJF) – Bronze

2018 Rio de Janeiro State Championship (FJJRio) Master – Bronze

2018 European (IBJJF) Master – Gold

2017 Rio BJJ Pro (IBJJF) Master – Gold

2017 Brazilian National (CBJJ) Master – Gold

2017 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Bronze

2017 European (IBJJF) Master – Prata

2016 Grand Slam AbuDhabi RJ (UAEJJ) Master – Prata

2016 Rio de Janeiro State Championship (FJJRio) Master – Gold

2016 Pan-American USA (IBJJF) Master – Bronze

2015 Grand Slam AbuDhabi RJ (UAEJJ) Master – Gold

​2015 Carlson Gracie Cup (FJJRio) Master – Bronze
2014 International Master (IBJJF) – Bronze

2014 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Bronze

2013 São Paulo Open (CBJJ) Master – Bronze

2013 Lisboa Open (IBJJF) Master – Gold Weight Class and Bronze Absolut

2012 Asian Open (IBJJF) Master – Silver

2009 American National (USBJJF) Adulto – Bronze

2008 Brazilian National (CBJJ) Master – Gold

2006 Pan-American (IBJJF) Adulto – Gold