Main Titles as a Black-Belt

2020 World Master – Silver
2020 European (IBJJF) Master – Champion 
​2019 Brazilian National (CBJJ) Master – Silver
2019 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Silver
2019 European (IBJJF) Master – Bronze
2018 World Masters – Bronze
​2018 International Masters South America (IBJJF) – Bronze
2018 Rio de Janeiro State Championship (FJJRio) Master – Bronze

2018 European (IBJJF) Master – Champion

2017 Rio BJJ Pro (IBJJF)  Master – Champion

2017 Brazilian National (CBJJ) Master – Champion

2017 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Bronze
​2017 European (IBJJF) Master – Silver

2016 Grand Slam AbuDhabi RJ (UAEJJ) Master – Silver

2016 Rio de Janeiro State Championship (FJJRio) Master – Champion

2016 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Bronze

2015 Grand Slam AbuDhabi RJ (UAEJJ) Master – Champion

​2015 Carlson Gracie Cup (FJJRio) Master – Bronze
2014 Masters International (IBJJF) – Bronze

2014 Pan-American (IBJJF) Master – Bronze

2013 São Paulo Open (CBJJ) Master – Bronze

2013 Lisboa Open (IBJJF) Master – Feather Champion and Bronze Open Division

2012 Asian Open (IBJJF) Master – Silver

2009 American National (USBJJF) Adult – Bronze

2008 Brazilian National (CBJJ) Master – Champion

2006 Pan-American (IBJJF) Adult – Champion


Mauro "Maurinho" Ayres was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His contact with brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) was during summer in 1994 in a small city close to the state's Capital. He decide to train BJJ trying to avoid the judo throws and takedowns suggested by his Professor. Circa 2000's his comitment is upgtraded and start as a instructor to share his knowledge with new students.

Mauro was graduated to black belt in 2006,  and then started his career as a competidor in the hightest level, sharing knowledge through regular classes, privates, seminars and workshops about brazilian gentle art in many countries. 

Focused on the student's balance and well-being, He stands out for its ability to simplify the learning of gentle art and for working great with jiu-jitsu kids, not only for teaching the techniques but also for working on essential values helping to build individuals for a better society .

Nowadays, he holds the ranking of Black Belt 4 degrees and teaches many students around the world, also owner of the academy located in Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, providing guidance constantly to two affiliated in California - USA and Shenzhen - China.

We officialy represent Carlson Gracie Team in sportive tournaments, under guidance of Master Carlson Gracie Jr.  

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